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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> the polls are closed andpourr left extreme socialist bernie sanders is now in the lead, beginning this our 9:00 ie east, 6:0 6:00 on the west coas. you should be able to call this race hopefully within this hour, the democratic party though, they are in full, complete panic mode tonight, one time front runner quid pro quo joe biden is looking like he might be headed for what would be a pathetic and disastrous for him third place finish.
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not only for the biden campaign but the whole democratic party and utter complete chaos and supposedly a victory party, hopes to make what will be one last desperate stand. we will have a lot more coming up throughout the plus caught up exclusively with elizabeth warren, we have that tape and we will show it to you coming up as well. we have a new report on someone not on tonight's primary ballot. this is huge, newly unearthed audio, reporting from former new york city mayor, mike bloomberg is so shocking, we
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will have a full monologue coming up. plus major, breaking news from the swamp, a huge story after a federal prosecutor, insane, nine-year sentence for roger stone and the doj stepped in, rightfully so. and it will address the disgusting two-tier justice system and four prosecutors have re-signed in the last few hours. but first, joining us with the very latest as we are in new hampshire tonight for the primary coverage of my very own bill hemmer at the big board tonight, phil, what is dominic bill what is going on question k >> good evening to you 29% of the vote voting and too soon to make a call statewide. sanders in purple, buttigieg and orange and klobuchar and green behind me. part of the reason we can't make the call is because of the county. located in the town of bedford, southern new hampshire, massachusetts to the sound, maine to the east, and four years ago, hillsborough county, sean casted 60,000 votes in the primary. sanders against hillary clinton. but right now the vote total
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during quick map between 1500, 1500, 1100 so about 5,000 or 6,000 votes at the moment. and the county alone tabulated so far. too soon to make the call there. but rocking ham county, any time you look at new hampshire, the southern part, the southern tier of the state, these two counties count for 50% of the vote four years ago. rocking him, buttigieg, but entirely 3400, 32, 2900, there were 50,000 votes cast in this county alone four years ago so a little bit of a ways to go in rockingham as well. i mention vermont, the border, bernie sanders very popular. and really hillary clinton four years ago, you had roughly 15,000 votes cast four years ago. and about 8,000 votes, quick math on the spot without a calculator is where we are at. we will get a little bit more coming in from the west side of vermont as well.
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that is our status for the moment, sean. anytime you consider the race in new hampshire, you have to look for the most popular counties in the south. that is what we are tracking right now on this map. i mention sanders in purple. i will take you back four years, it was his race. he ran all ten counties against hillary clinton. we will see if that holds up tonight and whether or not pete or amy klobuchar moves in there. standby. we are not there yet, it shone to your. >> sean: bill hemmer we will check in throughout the evening. joining the latest, bernie sanders campaign headquarters and own peter doocy, peter. >> and sean, we can report from here that every few minutes whenever the local coverage shows results that have bernie sanders with highest percentage of votes counted so far, the crowd in here will all have signs and what has really filled in, those crazy which is remarkable, on the college campus for the watch party,
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there is no open bar. these people are excited and many have been sanders supporters since he became a senator right next door to vermont. in from behind the scenes angle, i can tell you as the final results are settling in, i have already gotten a text message from a rival campaign about amy klobuchar's position with a person from a rival campaign saying they see what klobuchar is doing, but they think she has an infrastructure problem. she doesn't have offices or anything or staff. in the places after new hampshire and they also don't think her record has been scrutinized and appeared as we wait to see who actually won, the big winner of the night, there is a lot of people that will be at nevada, south carolina contest, trying to figure out what is going to happen with amy, sean. >> sean: peter, great report. i think i heard you say open bar and in the true spirit of socialism, that means drinks are free or somebody else pays for
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them. >> no open bar. >> sean: just checking, thanks, peter. fox news analysis is shannon bream tonight. shannon, what do we learn tonight? >> sean, we are waiting for the results. we are drilling down on new hampshire. the democratic primary voters think about economic issues and how much that drove their decision today. almost all primary voters the way the nation's economic system works is unfair to most americans. more than 4-10 say it is very unfair. only one in five fueled the economy works for most people and with that said the majority believe the financial status for them is holding steady. one big problem for people all over the country as students that new hampshire does have the highest percentage of college students who graduate with that. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have both talked about wiping out student loans. it has been popular for them so what do new hampshire voters think? six and ten the government finding a way to cancel college
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debt. another big question here, what about the impeachment trial is over for president trump, acquitted and what do the voters think that will do and what impact will it have politically? many think it won't make a difference but more think it will actually hurt then help the democrats politically now that it is over. in the end, will voters be satisfied with any of the candidates has our nominee up there person doesn't win? we asked voters about all of the candidates. most of them will be acceptable but joe biden suffers from a lack of support in new hampshire. biden voters would be happier with buttigieg or klobuchar over sanders or warren if they can't have biden. the interesting thing in these numbers, people tell is generally more for progressive ideas, they also admit that they think that can make it harder for someone who is really progressive in the general election to actually beat president trump. we will see if that sways them tonight. >> sean: shannon bream, thank you for that report. joe biden's long gone from new hampshire even has campaign
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new tonight would be a disaster and they left the state, the campaign that passed on life support, our very own mark mayo the comic mark meredith at the biden campaign which kind of got canceled. i don't know if you can call that a party tonight. what is going on there? >> sean the bar is still open so they are still trying to have a party, but as you mentioned there is certainly a different feel what was going on tonight that may be what was expected 48 hours ago. the biden campaign announced this morning the candidate no longer would stay here in new hampshire but instead moved to south carolina ahead of the next contest. about 5 minutes ago we saw both joe and joe biden addressed the new hampshire supporters via live stream. a few of the monitors behind me come i think only 60 to 75 supporters and campaign staff ae in this room. it is unclear how many people have moved on to south carolina or simply because the candidate himself would not be here, they decided that was not going to be the case.
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we also heard from joe biden's sister saying this is a race they are still proud of has the results continue to trickle in. joe biden in his message to his supporters tonight said, he still believes he will be back in the thick of things sean to take on president trump and the general election. i also had a chance, sean, to speak to a few people a sense of what is going on. one new hampshire voter, someone on the ground said ever since iowa, they felt joe biden campaign simply didn't have the momentum that was there may be before. they felt that was the case after what happened in iowa. and also a chance to a dash from pennsylvania, this is disappointing and certainly he will stick by biden. he believes this is the best chance that the democrats would have to take on president trump in november, sean. >> sean: market, that might be an election first live streaming after you leave this state becae you knew the results would not be good. we will continue to bring you updates throughout the hour all
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night tonight. so now with quid pro quo joe's pathetic showing in iowa what looks like fifth place finish in new hampshire. many of the democratic establishment seemed to be jumping ship looking for plan b. he has been throwing support behind, well, the kind of goal and one point billionaire new york city mayor michael bloomberg spending hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money. some of his fellow democrats attempting to buy the nomination. america has only been fed what is clearly an extreme slick, multimillion dollar marketing campaign, but over the last 24 hours, a huge problem has now emerged. that is the former new york city mayor's past comments have surfaced in his remarks about race are downright shocking and disturbing and revealing. if you were following a transparent attempt to pander to minority voters, we call it identity politics. he kicked off the presidential campaign we made that apology,
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got all teary-eyed over stop and frisk. that was a policy he enthusiastically supported during his entire time as the new york city mayor. that was 12, full years. by the way the subsequent five years with mayor de blasio, he never once apologized. that was until he decided to run for president. one can only conclude the so-called apology 17 years later was nothing more than, wealth, political expediency, crocodile tears designed to appeal to a bc coalition and african-american and minority voters, which is a big part of the democratic party's base. nl new audio emerging show with bloomberg really thought what hd frisk. it is alarming, it is revealing, in fact made it so bad must summon his his own party actually accusing him of being a racist. 2013, bloomberg actually complained "white people were being stopped too much by the police and minorities too little." you heard me right, he said
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white people being stopped too much, minorities were not being frisk enough. you can hear it in his own words. let's take a listen. >> it is a percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing -- in that case incidentally come i think we disproportionately stop whites too much. and minorities too little. >> sean: that was only seven short years ago and more recently in 2015, bloomberg, well, he doubled down on his comments and even bragged he put all, pay attention to the words, all, not some but all police and minority communities in new york, neighborhoods in new york because "that is where all, not some, all the crime is." and by the way that is an inaccurate statement on top of everything else. in fact, he said the only way to prevent this crime was to throw minority kids "up against a wall
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and frisk them." in his own words. let's listen in. >> murderers and murder victims, you can take the description, xerox it, and they are minorities. [inaudible] that is where the real crime is. and the intendant, consequences of this, oh, my god, you are arrested for marijuana. and they are minorities. that is true, why? yes, that is true. [inaudible] throw them up against the wall and frisk them here it's been when i've lived in rhode island five years, california five years from alabama two, georgia four, long island, new york and broadcasting this program for my
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24th year. i can tell you that it is a fact that people of all race commit crime in new york and new york city of specifically. apparently, not according to bloomberg. he thinks 95% of criminals are "male, and minorities 16-25 and truly new york and true virtually every city." malcolm is this not definitive definition of not only racial profiling, but all police go into the community, all crimes are being committed, but definition of what we say is racial profiling. he also said "you can take a description of minorities, xerox it, pass it out to all the cops, okay, stop for one second. imagine if donald trump had said this. imagine the media mob, this hysteria, the outrage. people would be apoplectic, 24/7 coverage until election day which is 267 days when you become the ultimate jury, and you will have an opportunity to
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shock the world once again. if this is a republican, it would probably come a likely end any and all president aspirations. they would be dead in the water. now the choice the democrats will be simple, will they nominate the former mayor of new york city that has set all of this? again of what if donald trump had said it all? reminding the audience now for many, many years, every two years, every four years every election season we have a democratic party. they rely heavily on identity politics to win collections. i pointed out over and over again come a history of the race card sadly being played as part of the democratic party's playbook. every single election, which brings us to a short "hannity" history lesson, without fail in these election years, one thing is always a constant. democrats will call their opponents racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, republicans according to
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barack obama, they want dirty air and dirty water. then they will get a paul ryan or in this case, a cup and mccarthy look alike to throw grandma over eight cliff, take a look. >> many talk in coded relationships about takers and losers. they demonize president obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid french. >> if you accept the support of clinton sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after they are president. >> he will let the big bang once again write their own rules. unchained wall street. they will put you all back and chains. >> it is wrong what the leader of the republican party in this congress are doing in blocking an accurate senses, because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. >> they are in favor of
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affirmative action if you can dunk the basketball or sink a three-point shot. but they are not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community and bring people together. don't tell me we have a color-blind society! >> beaten, chained and dragged e he was black. so when governor george refuses the hate crime legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again. >> when you don't vote, you let another church exploded. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> sean: that was the president and his rally. usually, that signature and think which one glorious nation under god. we are one american family. how does any of that bring this country together? as you can see, the
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democratic party, well, they really seem to only care about race, gender, when they can use it to club their opponents. for them, it seems to be nothing more than sad, divisive from a political tactic year after year after year. meanwhile, a stark contrast, we can compare and contrast policies, success and failure. the president's agenda has been helping minorities in real life, opportunity zones, tax cuts, the biggest decrease in regulation and history, all americans are benefiting of all demographics and backgrounds thanks to the trump economy. by the way, very different under biden and obama, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million in poverty and the lowest labor participation rate since the postrace 70s. what do we have come african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, we now have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years in this country, record
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after record, the president has blown wide open opportunity for every single american. yes, that one american family, that one glorious nation under god. and that is not all. look at your screen. you can see it there. look at that. alice marie johnson we had run last week remember, serving a life sentence, nonviolent, first-time drug offense. president trump not only commuted her sentence, kim kardashian and kanye west but he also did something that many of the presidents have promised but never fulfilled their promise on command that was, yep, prison reform criminal justice reform, nonviolence first-time offenders won't get a life sentence in jail behind ba. thousands of prison minorities have and will soon be a second shot at life. not the kind of hope and change that democrats constantly promise, but it was president trump that actually deliver that. now, several recent polls are showing the present support among minorities has tripled or.
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four years ago that president trump failed to improve the lives of all americans no matter what race or agenda. he famously said what you have to lose? tonight we can confidently say promises made and kept is now the democratic party very hard to the left him a radical socialist left, with a scary brand of socialism, new greendale, medicare for all, edit obamacare workout. and now real measures, success, and quite frankly the way of life for every single solitary american at stake. in 266 states, you the american people, the ultimate jury, you will control the fate of this great country for your children and your grandchildren. by the way, despite rumors to the contrary tonight, the other billionaire democrat tom steyer, he is remaining in the race for president. all right, we have a lot to get to tonight. we will be watching, waiting in a moment and possibly a winner. and we have our fox news
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decision desk standing by. brett behr and martha maccallum. fox news contributor dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera, dan, i will break custom and i will start with you tonight because i will just say this. if this was a republican come if this was donald trump, if this s any republican candidate saying a what michael bloomberg said, what would be the reaction? that is number one and number two, a possible fifth place finish for what was supposed to be the democratic front runner by the name of joe biden. >> yeah, let me just point to first the great irony of the impeachment hoax leveled at donald trump, sean. it succeeded in impeaching joe biden, who is not the president of the united states. his campaign has effectively done. i think it is over with. his goose is cooked. south carolina cannot be a firewall if it is not in fact a wall. it does not look to be the case in this point. regarding the bluebird tape what kind of language is that? i mean, to talk about young
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minority 16-25 come again his words not mine, we are going to throw him up against the wall and frisk him? now, listen i was a cop on wealthy pants michael bloomberg who worked for a living. and i can tell you in my four years with the nypd before i went to the secret service, i thankfully never had to throw anyone up against the wall and frisk them. you just don't do that. now you can stop and frisk people based on reasonable suspicion but the language this man uses to a elitist snob who has never worked a hard day in his life. it is really gross and i'm glad he's getting cold on it. >> sean: all right, geraldo rivera, now, you can talk about the benefits, but i want to go through this very slowly with you because i think this is in the best interest certainly of our audience here. let's go through it one by one. quote, please stop people wait too much and minorities too little.
6:23 pm
.2 that literally, they targeted minority kids whom cops must throw up against the wall. let's go to number three, when you talk about murders, murder victims, you can just take a description, xerox it, pass it out to all the cops because they are all, not some, all male minority 16-25. that, of course, then he said, we are arresting kids of marijuana that are, again, not some but all minorities. then you can go to -- >> sean -- >> sean: and hang on, we put all the cops, not some, in minority neighborhoods and not last but least, that is where all the crime is. >> it is not all, geraldo, you know that and you live in new york city and i know that and every new yorker knows that. >> sean, the problem isn't the truth and falsity of what bloomberg said. whether in private or public. the problem is that bloomberg disavowed his own policies only
6:24 pm
when he decided to run for president. >> sean: but now we know what he really believes. this is revealing. >> i supported swap and don't make stop and frisk. >> sean: that is not the issue. >> when we had over 2,000 homicides a year in new york, by the time bluebird left office 20 years later after 20 years of republican rule, homicides were just over 400 so from 2,000 to 400. >> b1 geraldo we are limited on time and i want to focus on this. i agree, you go where the great majority of crime is but you don't send all cops and you don't arrest one group of people and not another. and have to have equal application of the laws. what are these words that he is saying says about him? >> that is different of supporting and not supporting stop and frisk. >> first of all, the homicide is the leading cause of death among
6:25 pm
young african-americans from 16-34. and that is the leading cause of death. most young black men were killed by other young black men. most often with guns. police need aggressive, you know, tactics. urban, rough and tough. the problem with bloomberg. >> sean: we are having two discussions. let me go back to dan for a second. dan, we are talking about the words and the thoughts -- >> yes, sean, listen, watch. geraldo, way over your head. you are missing the point! everybody agrees if there is crime in minority communities or elsewhere, yes, we should please him and minorities are entitled to a safe community. we get it stop and frisk worked, point taken. that is not what anybody is saying. what we are saying is if bloomberg will run under a party better that weaponize is race constantly -- >> you are missing the point! >> you are missing the point!
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>> no -- >> the point is he is a hippocratic, two-faced. two-faced. on the principal. >> i'm not talking about -- >> he had a policy, the policy worked him when he talked to the minority community come he lied about the policy. he was suddenly filled with sorrow about the policies that he implemented. >> geraldo, do i have to get a sharpie out and say i agree with you? he is a hypocrite. i think the point you are trying to make, he is running as a democrat and they've used identity politics and race as a weapon and this guy goes on tape and talks about throwing young black kids up against the wall. that is the problem. come on, man, that is what we are talking about. get with the program. >> the genius is donald trump is running as a democrat now. donald trump is incorporating, embracing criminal justice reform. you know, giving people a second chance in life. opportunity zone.
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the rise -- >> the judges -- >> he's not running as a democrat. just because he supported adjustable -- justice reform, we have conservative judges, tax c. >> of course all of that of course all of that. but if he's broadening his base, sean has reported today how the surveys are showing a dramatic, substantial uptick in president trump's african-american support. that is not an accident. >> that is because, sean, geraldo, again you are missing the point. it is not because donald trump is running as a democrat. it is because african-american voters guide that knocks on doors running for senate in maryland has one of the population of black voters. when you knock on doors and talk to voters, you know what happens? you find out they are largely conservative. >> sean: all right, guys --
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geraldo, the last 20 seconds. we have to get back to work here. >> i believe that bloomberg is a good man who, unfortunately took the short money and trying to erase history and rewrite it. population that he gave the cold shoulder to for too long. if that was his policy, he should have changed it. >> sean: the policy i supported because i wanted to save lives. it is the wording that is so shocking to my conscious and obviously come other democrats. this will be a big issue going forward. but i really appreciate you being with us on this primary night in new hampshire, thank you, geraldo, thank you dan bongino. time to go back to the big board in our own bill hemmer standing by who we expect momentarily we might actually get a call from the decision desk. martha maccallum and bret baier, what is the latest
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on the big board, bill? >> the three stories developing first of all 40% of them in here at the moment. not enough to make a call but perhaps close. i will show you why we can't do that in a moment. sean, bernie sanders and purple goes on to win tonight he's got bragging rights heading to nevada a week and a half from now and i think the second story, pete buttigieg, and the balance he got out of iowa israel. the buttigieg pump is happening in new hampshire and a bit of a battle right now but does he finish in second place? and overtake bernie sanders? if he does, what is that margin between the real vote total. i think the third one pretty obvious, amy amy clover chart the senator she had what many considered a strong debate friday night and many are listening to the message prior to today. we are in bedford in hillsborough county right along the border with massachusetts. you had 50,000, 60,000 votes four years ago in the primary
6:30 pm
but right now, you are at 2800, under 10,000 votes so a big pile of vote still coming in from the most populous county in the state of new hampshire. sandra's with about five-point edge over buddha judge. come over here to the southeast, this is rockingham from a lot of folks over here. buttigieg is doing well, again, the numbers are not nearly what they will be in the final tally of 50,000 votes four years ago five, nine, what is that, 14,000 votes right now from that county. so we have bit of the ways to go. buttigieg is doing well here. important to point that out because this is where elizabeth warren campaigned so hard, boston, massachusetts, down here. warren thought she had a chance this part of the state. it did not happen. the results are already in for her. she has right now in single digits, well down the line. one more thing i want to show you, sean. i will pounce out to maine, vermont, massachusetts. sanders ran up the store on hillary clinton four years ago
6:31 pm
and these counties that border his home state. just to show you this right now, this is grafton county, still a ways away. it is more rural and not as many votes, quick math tells you that is 6,000, 7,000. you have about 12,000, 13,000, 14,000 more votes that will come in here. the point is sanders did well against hillary clinton and these counties. he is not running up the same numbers on a percentage basis. and a real vote total that he did four years ago. so that's got a bit of an interesting development. pop down here and you find king and chester county from a similar story about 15,000 votes four years ago. so right now, four, five, six, 10,000 now. about two-thirds of the voters tabulated in this county. sanders, he was racking up numbers of 70% against hillary clinton. again, he's not doing that yet. one other story line developing that is interesting and that is
6:32 pm
this. many thought it was possible that warren could cut into bernie sanders vote tally. that does not appear to be the case in new hampshire. sanders has been his own man so far in the state of new hampshire. and elizabeth warren's result as we have seen so far, it has been well below the other finishers. i will share one more data point for you, sean. this is 2016, sitting at home asking what is the story all about? what does it mean in new hampshire? it is a good question because four years ago when sanders ran the table here in new hampshire, democrats went down to south carolina. look what happened then. hillary clinton was in blue. she swept the place in the palmetto state and won every single county. ask yourself tonight, what does it mean? what does it tell us? another date of 43% of the vote now recording in new hampshire.
6:33 pm
heading into the primary tonight. >> the warren campaign has crisscrossed the several days
6:34 pm
and he had momentum in this state. the final days, his campaign was trying to hammer home the idea that his tone is cool, calm, perfect for a president, trying to paint the picture that is the opposite of president trump and more like president obama. mayor pete himself, even repeatedly touted that it is important as a president. the majority of the supporters that we talked to in new hampshire, the first thing they said that attracted them to pete buttigieg was his demeanor, was his tone. buttigieg also had two celebrity endorsements. michael j. fox and also kevin costner this weekend, and to today come across the state, energized supporters and hundreds of them in this room tonight, sean. >> sean: all right, matt finn thank you at the buttigieg campaign with the latest from bernie sanders headquarters. as we go back to peter doocy, peter, with each new bit of data that comes in, we get a big
6:35 pm
crowd reaction. >> there is. if you want to know what this crowd is concerned about, you can just listen to some of the chants that come along with a reaction to the screen. a chant where people were saying health care is a right. then there was another chant where people were saying bernie, you can see everybody is handed a sign so it looks better behind all the international press that his hero. we have started to see some staff circulating as bernie chance begin. we understand that when the program starts, generally sanders will have people come out and try to pump up the crowd. this crowd is already pumped up so as soon as decision campaign to send him outcome it will be him. so coming out is notable and earlier in the afternoon, they put up a teleprompter which is very, very unusual for bernie sanders who gives pretty much the same speech every day, just seems to have it pretty
6:36 pm
much memorized and hammer all the points he wants about medicare for all, tuition free college, legal pot in all 50 states. but they have taken the teleprompter down. so things are kind of fluid right now. but it seems like if they want to keep the crowd really excited, they will be sending him out soon, sean. >> sean: all right, peter doocy. we are a moments away. fox news decision desk with bret and martha standing by. we are in new hampshire. we will have those results as soon as we can. lawrence jones also elizabeth warren. that exclusive tape. stay with fox news channel. lindsey graham will join us and special new hampshire primary coverage from new hampshire. we are glad you are with us. ♪ (whistling)
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♪ >> sean: fox news alert, we are in new hampshire tonight awaiting results out of the primary. here with the very latest on these primaries is our very own bret baier, martha maccallum. they are at the fox news decision desk. we are 41 minutes in the 9:00 p.m. hour on the east coast, guys. bret, we thought we would have a call earlier than now. >> bret: that is right, sean. and the reason we haven't is because it continues to take back as far as the likelihood bernie sanders is going to win. the vote margin is getting tighter. bill went through the map pretty effectively a short time ago, but it's getting a little bit more uncomfortable to make that win. we still believe bernie sanders has a decent shot at winning this. pete buttigieg is over performing, and so is amy clover charter. has a shot to even close the gap. to second.
6:42 pm
speak don't mix before it is interesting to watch it is getting tighter and tighter. the big story obviously tonight, bite ended miserably and elizabeth warren, no one who has not won their neighboring state as a senator goes on to win the nomination. so obviously, it is a rough night for for her. klobuchar is at 20%, buttigieg at 23%, sanders at 26%. this is a tight race. we are looking at our numbers, ap and comparing to a "new york times" who has clipped a coin between sanders and buttigieg so this can get interesting. >> sean: i think you are both right. bite and looking at a fifth place finish come elizabeth warren, the neighboring state as you can see is the results as of this moment, 47% and only 9.5%, a neighboring state. on the sideline, mayor bloomberg who was supposed to be the backup so-called moderate under a lot of fire tonight. a lot to talk about. and we will be headed back to
6:43 pm
the decision desk when you guys have that call to make. brett mike bret, martha thank you so much. senior advisor for trump 2020, watching all of this with us, laura, your take on what is developing tonight? >> it is very interesting. you have seen, sean joe biden has been at the top of every poll leading up to this and yet, you saw what happened to him in iowa when he finally got those results in. we have seen what has happened to him in new hampshire. obviously, it doesn't look good for him. at the top as always now, bernie sanders who is a self-declared socialist. this is who was at the top of the democratic party right now. and i think it is probably making the establishment folks and the democratic party very, very nervous. they know the only energy behind bernie sanders is on a very, very far radical base there. how you go up and sell that to the average american, i think they know they can't do that,
6:44 pm
especially when you see the great results of our president, president donald trump. last night in new hampshire, the trump rally 52,000 people rsvp and those people that came to the rally 25% were registered democrats and 17 percent didn't even vote in 2016. so i think the democrats are probably getting really nervous to see these results come in. >> sean: let's look at the story lines tonight, bite and a fifth place finish, warren is in a neighboring state. and then, you are looking at amy klobuchar, according to the latest vote tally, 48% and, she is not far behind mayor buttigieg, 23%, bernie sanders 26%, she has 20% at this moment. on the sidelines, i guess the person that was supposedly in the background that might pop in to be a savior, if joe biden
6:45 pm
bailed out, mayor bloomberg under a lot of fire tonight. addressing all of those story lines, how do you describe overall the state of the democratic party, this new hampshire primary night? it seems to most people out there in total disarray. they haven't been able to formulate who they are front runner is. again in polling, it shows biden who is in fifth place. by all accounts. and you nuc amy klobuchar coming out of nowhere. no one thought she had a chance and apparently in third place in new hampshire. it seems like it is a mess. i think most people saw what happened in iowa. they salt they could not get the vote tally. it took days to get the results back. and the party as a whole seems to be in a bit of a mess. you have the radicals taking over the party. you saw aoc and her group, the party, the ones that really push nancy pelosi ultimately to try to impeach donald trump. don't worry. he was acquitted, and he will be
6:46 pm
reelected. so i think it will work out just fine for him but i think the democrats are probably very, very worried about the base of their party and their future going forward. i sure would be. >> sean: lara trump as always, thank you for being with us. joining us now, the great senator from south carolina, senator lindsey graham. on top of everything we have been discussing tonight, senator, we have a whole other narrative developing. there are no longer outlier polls, polls anywhere from 16% to 34.5% support for donald trump in the african-american community. we see record low unemployment for african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans women and think workplace, youth african-american unemployment and one guy that made a promise for justice reform and actually got it done was donald j. trump. if those numbers are anywhere near real when he got a percent of the african-american vote in 2016, what does that mean? >> it means growth among the
6:47 pm
demographics to solidify the republican party. my dear friend from south carolina is african-american, republican from south carolina who came up with the enterprise zones, opportunity zones, that would change inner cities in this country. donald trump has increased family income among african-americans and hispanic families more than any president in modern history. we are on the verge of this party expanding in the democratic party is on the verge of his party imploding. >> sean: senator, i can add one other thing to this. if we look at big cities. i went through a little "hannity" history because every two years, four years as a conservative come i find racism repugnant in any way, shape, mar or reform. and every two or four years republican racist, sexist, misogynist in my entire list year. and i'm looking at real results, opportunity zones and i did not mention that with the president
6:48 pm
as well. even van jones and others have been saying the president is rightly looking for every american foe as he said in the close of his speech. we are one glorious nation under god. and we are one unitive family. >> right, we are literally expending the party under president trump beyond my imagination. again with the african-american community and south carolina. they will not vote for bernie sanders. i don't think mayor pete will do particularly well. i think joe biden will do well. the first caucus where you have hispanic voters so new hampshire and iowa are pretty much mainly white voters. it will be curious to see what happens in nevada and south carolina for the democrats. but i've never been more excited in my public life to be a republican than i am right now, working class, blue-collar reagan democrats behind this president unlike anything i think since ronald reagan and
6:49 pm
finally, the party is beginning to reach out to african-americans and hispanics in a way that is serious. criminal justice reform is a game changer. mr. president, keep it up because you will transform the republican party. to my democratic friends, if you go down the socialist path, you will become a marginalized party in this country. >> sean: i believed in stop and frisk and i believe it did contribute to saving a lot of lives. mayor judy rudy yanni took a lot of heat from this and went from 2500 murders per year, and we got as low as 300 and some year, major changes. that is not the issue at stake here, it is the words and the wording and the revelation of former mayor michael bloomberg in your reaction to the things he actually said? >> pretty stunning. i've been a lawyer my most adult life. here is what he said, reason of suspicion of criminal activity means being young and black. that is what he said.
6:50 pm
that to stop somebody under the stop and frisk laws, you have to have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. what michael bloomberg said, you have that just because they are young and black. that is pretty disgusting. and he said the police stopped too many white people and too fd targeting minority kids. we must throw them up against the wall. shocking, oh, you can pretty much, you know, get the ammo, the description, meaning you are talking about racial profiling, that they are rocks it, pass it out to the cops. and they will arrest all minorities for marijuana. they put "all the cops and minority communities because that is where all the crime is." there is no hedging they are, senator. >> welcome at this is what michael bloomberg's think it is not what you are doing as an individual but who you are as an individual but that you are young and black enough to throw you against the wall. if a republican had said that, we would be eaten alive.
6:51 pm
>> sean: aright, sound or lindsey graham, south carolina thank you. joining us from the biden campaign, jacqui heinrich, a quick exit out of new hampshire where it looks like fifth place finish. what is going on there tonight? >> sean, the president just wrapped up his speech. walked around shaking hands and he started the night by saying you have no idea what it feels to be back in south carolina. and i would imagine -- >> sean: apparently we lost that shot. we will try to get back to her in a few minutes. earlier today the 2020 correspondent to the "hannity" program, lawrence jones come up as coming out of the polls and even elizabeth warren. fox news 2020 elizabeth correspondent had that exclusive, lawrence jones. >> sean come earlier today in new hampshire i got the opportunity to go to multiple precincts to talk to the voters
6:52 pm
and actually saw elizabeth warren. i asked her the big question since new hampshire is in her backyard, is it a most win? take a look. >> senator, is this a most win? >> hold on, hold on. >> senator this is a neighboring state. >> senator, this is a neighboring state. is it a must when questioning senator, this is a neighboring state. is it a must when? >> thank you. as you can see, sean, she'd dodged my question multiple times and judging by the results that we saw, you see why, but earlier, we got to talk with voters about what candidate do they prefer? last week i told you that biden come i did not see a good vibe for him but bernie sanders had energy and iowa. but this time you can tell in new hampshire. take a look. >> who is the candidate to cast your vote for? elizabeth warren.
6:53 pm
>> pete buttigieg. >> biden. i was torn between klobuchar. >> do you believe there is a democrat to defeat the president? >> no. >> no. >> absolutely. >> i don't think anybody actually can. >> as you heard from that last person, sean, they don't like any of the democrats and they don't think they can be donald trump. they are undecided and still unknown with this election. >> sean: special 2020 election correspondent lawrence jones, great job, hard work. thank you for sharing it all. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is watching this night unfold. well, you are the leader of the republican party. we have been through an awful lot in the last few weeks. your reaction to what is going on here in the great state of new hampshire live free, dye free, granite state. clover charter has twice more votes than you have warren and joe biden combined.
6:54 pm
joe biden and elizabeth warren, this is the end of the campaign. what you are finding is the democratic party should turn a more socialist why they have a speaker name only and no strategy outside of impeachment. >> this is a bad sign for them. one thing that is not being reported is, president trump has more votes with only 54% voting than obama, then bush, then reg and had an reelection. the president has been breaking records and iowa, breaking records in new hampshire and that's why they have to expand the playing field to retake the house. if you want to take the from a fundamental difference and change the course of history. >> sean: let me ask you in other news today, the doj took impressive step. there has been recommendation seven to nine years in jail. there was never any need to put frog man in so many armed agents in the arrest of roger stone or even paul manafort in the early morning raid that just happen to
6:55 pm
have cnn camera standing by, amazing. this screams to me with the four prosecutors that have resigned tonight. that there is a five-alarm fire going on behind the scenes in the department of justice. and it screams to make him possible prosecutorial abuse or overreach. i don't know what to read into this, but this is fairly unprecedented here. your take on that. >> the thing i see is not just on this. think about what happen in the fisa court. think about the cnn camera is ready to go with all of those agents storming the house. why did they need to storm the house? i think we have an attorney general, mr. barr looking to clean this up and rightfully so. when justice is sentenced, it should be a fair justice as we go forward. >> sean: i will tell you this, congressman. what is at stake is deep, profound and equal justice under the law. equal applications of the laws. remember, a lot of people charged, convicted what they did
6:56 pm
before general flynn, 33 year veteran. he admitted to something they didn't even think he did and that was lying. but we did have referrals from the inspector general, lack of candor james comey, mccabe and others. it will be fascinating to see what the prosecutor durham and attorney general will come up with. congressman thank you for being with us for election coverage tonight. we appreciate it. more updates as bill hemmer and the big board tonight, wow, we are 56 minutes into the 9:00 hour on the east coast, 6:00 hour on the west coast. we don't have a result of the new hampshire primary. i'm betting bill hemmer knows the reason at this point. >> i have an idea, sean, but i can't nail it down. a pretty good race right now between sanders amp but , 4,000 votes with sanders the lead here, 26 and a half, 23.7, 55% e vote is now tabulated in a big
6:57 pm
old more populated counties. remember when you look at the state of new hampshire think bottom heavy anti-population being down here near the border of massachusetts. the more thin you get the more you find yourself up state new hampshire, here is where we are, hillsborough county, by far the most populated county in the state and we have roughly 20,000 votes in. you have at least 40,000 more votes to be added to this pile. it is a big reason why we can't call it. some of the communities on the massachusetts border, rockingham county as well have yet to report. that is the reason why we can't make the call just yet, sean. hang on, have faith and we will have it for you shortly as soon as we can. >> sean: the fox news decision desk with martha maccallum and bret baier standing by tonight. joining us now, former white house press secretary sarah sanders and the great state of florida matt gaetz. we have about 3 minutes left. let's get your take on the
6:58 pm
night. sarah let's begin with you. >> look i think the president's reelection chances right now have never looked stronger. the idea that his approval rating is at an all-time high and crazy bernie may be his opponent, a proud socialist, may actually be the democrat nominee is frankly, i think should be terrifying for everybody. not to mention bloomberg if he continues to rise, serious problems with women, african-americans. his record, his language is offensive and atrocious. then again, maybe he can buy at the dnc just like hillary did and still it from burning like they did in 2016. either way, i think this is another great night for bernie bernie and trump and stronger as he looks to look to november. >> sean: mike gates, how do you read this and maybe touch a little bit in the 90 seconds on the issue i brought up with minority leader mccarthy. that is a prosecutor and doj
6:59 pm
stepping in and the stone case. >> i believe roger stone has been treated unfairly and i hope there will be better results. i think we are witnessing a hostile takeover by the venezuelan wing of the democratic party. you have aoc the most powerful member of congress. nancy has got to ask her permission to bring those to the floor. you also have bernie sanders now leading this field. i don't know why everybody is sleeping on bernie, sean. bernie has the most money. he's gotten the most votes, most of the ideas the democrats are running on our bernie's ideas. bernie is the spiritual leader of the democratic party, and he's not even a democrat. >> sean: all right, thank you matt gaetz, sarah sanders. a lot of story lines coming out. a full analysis tomorrow. one, obviously, joe biden a very disappointing fifth place finish tonight. fox news decision desk is still going to have those results throughout the evening. amy klobuchar outperforming expectations. that is the story line.
7:00 pm
elizabeth warren heartbreaking 10%. she is from a neighboring state. then on the sideline the home mayor bloomberg bloomberg issue. i will seek the truth, always will be fair and balanced and never be the rage trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham will get the decision, >> laura: you had to go up to new hampshire where i spent four years in college. >> sean: and you got in a lot of trouble for being a conservative, i remember. >> laura: just a little. great coverage in new hampshire, great job up there. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. it is still too close to call in new hampshire but bernie sande bernie sanders, leading over amy klobuchar, a surprise third. two contenders, andrew yang and michael bennet dropped out of the race tonight and will they be the only ones to drop out? we are going to unpack everything that is going on in new hampshire throughout the


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